When’s the time to stay?

In an unprecedented move, the Medical Council of Hong Kong ordered that a case be permanently stayed. The Council adopted the established legal principles for criminal cases to resolve this case, which lasted more than a decade.

Pathologist’s Dilemma

Pathologists play an essential role in the death investigation system in Hong Kong. A pathologist performing an autopsy is under a special duty to the Coroner’s Court.

Can you choose the sex of your baby?

A doctor being disciplined exposes a long-standing ethical problem in reproductive medicine – Some parents’ preference for the sex of their child. Which also leads to criminal liabilities.

Don’t Mess with Cats

On the same day (23/5), two persons were convicted of crimes related to cruelty to cats. In both cases, veterinarian evidence was essential in assessing the defendant’s culpability.

Lousy medical records lead to criminal troubles

More often, smaller clinics struggle with keeping medical records. However, a recent case shows that it is more than professional misconduct when a dentist was prosecuted as a result of poor recordkeeping.

The Sign of Three

In a criminal case of peculiar facts, a detailed analysis of the medical evidence may help paint a complete picture of what happened.

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