Regulatory Offences

Interview on Tightening of Cat Trade

Mr Gordon Chan discussed the new Government measures to tighten the cat trade in Hong Kong in an interview with Broadcast News Network, an online media run by journalism students from HKBU.

The Ever Expanding Smoking Ban

Hong Kong has a stringent and discouraging smoking ban. Following this policy, emerging alternative products are prohibited, and importing them into Hong Kong is an offence.

Can you choose the sex of your baby?

A doctor being disciplined exposes a long-standing ethical problem in reproductive medicine – Some parents’ preference for the sex of their child. Which also leads to criminal liabilities.

Child and the Dog

People love pets these days. We love giving them treats and head scratches. But on occasion, we do get hurt by these cute predators. When it does, what are the legal consequences for the pet owner?

A Study in Brick-and-Mortar

It is illegal for unlicensed persons to engage in estate agent work. When so much is at stake, anyone looking to engage property agents should …

To Mask or not to Mask

In FLFS 13-14/2022, Mr Gordon Chan prosecuted a case of breaching the “mask mandate” involving a woman and her maid. At trial, the issue turns to whether they have a reasonable excuse of exercising.

How to Seize a Giant Tank?

In a recent industrial summonses appeal, the court dealt with an interesting issue concerning property seizure – When and how can properties be seized by a court’s order?

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