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When’s the time to stay?

In an unprecedented move, the Medical Council of Hong Kong ordered that a case be permanently stayed. The Council adopted the established legal principles for criminal cases to resolve this case, which lasted more than a decade.

“Advantage” in Dispute

Mr Gordon Chan was the sole advocate in seeking leave to appeal against the conviction of a public servant conspiring to solicit advantage. The single judge reserved this case for the full bench of the Court of Appeal.

A Study in Brick-and-Mortar

It is illegal for unlicensed persons to engage in estate agent work. When so much is at stake, anyone looking to engage property agents should …

To Mask or not to Mask

In FLFS 13-14/2022, Mr Gordon Chan prosecuted a case of breaching the “mask mandate” involving a woman and her maid. At trial, the issue turns to whether they have a reasonable excuse of exercising.

To Arrest a Prosecution Witness

Mr Gordon Chan was defending a minor traffic case. As a surprising turn of events, an arrest warrant was issued against the witness for the prosecution.

The Problem of a Phone

In a rape appeal, Mr Gordon Chan discovered surprising new evidence from a phone that was sealed for five years, turning the case around.

Danger on Zebra Crossing

Mr Gordon Chan prosecuted a high-profile traffic case in TMS 3182/2022, in which a man was found guilty of dangerous driving after trial.

The Sign of Three

In a criminal case of peculiar facts, a detailed analysis of the medical evidence may help paint a complete picture of what happened.

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