Gordon Chan, Esq


Call: 2020 (Hong Kong)
English, Cantonese, Mandarin
Practice Areas

University of Hong Kong

LLB (First Class Honour)
Manchester Metropolitan University

BSc (Biochemistry)
The Hong Kong University of Science and Technology

A biochemist and former hospital administrator, Gordon now specialises in medical, technology, and criminal law.

Gordon enjoys an all-rounded practice in criminal, civil and administrative laws. He is a member of Alfred K C Fung Chambers, the leading medical set of chambers in Hong Kong. He has extensive experience in the medico-legal and healthcare fields. Trained as a biochemist, he worked for a major public hospital and was also involved in the development of a hospital.

Gordon regularly advises on medico-legal issues. His experience in the pharmaceutical and medical field spanned death inquests, disciplinary inquiries, professional negligence, criminal investigations, statutory regulations, and commercial and contractual matters in private and public medical practices to defend the constitutional rights of a doctor’s freedom of press and speech.

Gordon’s experience in medicine and science extended into criminal law. He advised law enforcement agencies in regulatory crimes concerned with food, drugs, and healthcare institutions. His expertise is in complex cases of medical, psychiatric, and technical nature, such as homicide and sexual cases and those involving technology and digital evidence.

Gordon had experience in cases concerning juveniles and those persons under Care or Protection Order, and Guardianship Order. He maintained a keen interest in science and technology, particularly in biotechnology, coding, data science, and artificial intelligence.

“Life is short, and art long”

– Hippocrates


Death Inquests

Re Ms WONG Oi-lun 王靄倫, deceased CCDI 348/2021 – Representing the family of the deceased in an inquest with a jury – Guardianship Order – Medicolegal

Re Ms CHAN Yin-lam 陳彥霖 , deceased CCDI 870/2019 (Assisting Mr Alfred Fung) – Representing the Hospital Authority in an inquest with a jury – Care or Protection Order – Suspicious death – Medicolegal

Criminal and Quasi-Criminal

HKSAR v TO Kin-fung TMCC 945/2023 – Unlicenced salesperson of estate agent – Criminal case referral from Estate Agents Authority – Prosecutor on fiat

HKSAR v AU YEUNG Shui-ha and MOJICA Rosie Jane Conde FLFS 13-14/2022 – Failing to wear a mask in specified public place – Reasonable excuse – Definition of strenuous exercise – Prosecutor on fiat

ESCC 1341/2021 – Common assault on a solicitor – Acquitted after trial

HKSAR v GOMES Da Costa Fabricia FLCC 764/2021 – Prisoner biting a CSD officer inside a prison – Prosecutor on fiat

HKSAR v CHEUNG Wing-fu TMCC 1184/2023 – Construction site bulgary – Prosecutor on fiat

HKSAR v Clement Chow WKS 13697/2021 (Assisting Mr Wong Man Kit SC and Mr Richard Man) – Breach of licencing condition – Firearms and Ammunition – Acquitted after trial

HKSAR v Hong Kong Gun Club WKS 15329/2019 (Assisting Mr Richard Man) – Departmental summons – Acquitted after trial

HKSAR v LEUNG Tak-wong and Others DCCC 115/2021 (Assisting Mr Douglas Kwok) – Riot

Criminal Appeals

HKSAR v LAI Wai-kee Vicky (黎偉祈) CACC 178/2022 – Conspiracy to solicit an advantage as a public servant – Finding of judge differed from the indictment; Definition of “advantage” under Prevention of Bribery Ordinance – Leave to appeal against conviction – Reserved for full bench

HKSAR v TSANG Yau-tik (曾友狄) FAMC 8/2023 (Led by Mr Eric Cheung) – Rape – Recent complaint – Leave to appeal to the Court of Final Appeal

HKSAR v WONG Fung (王豐) [2022] HKCA 1163, CACC 266/2018 (Led by Mr Eric Cheung) – Murder and manslaughter – Murderous intent

HKSAR v TSANG Yau-tik (曾友狄) [2022] HKCA 1272, CACC 286/2019 (Led by Mr Eric Cheung) – Rape – Recent complaint

HKSAR v FUNG Hoi-yeung (馮海洋) [2022] HKCA 1073, CACC 62/2019 (Led by Mr Eric Cheung) – Rape – Discovery of new evidence – Content in mobile phone of prosecution witness and hearsay evidence – Appeal allowed

HKSAR v GUTIERREZ ALVAREZ Keishu Mercedes [2020] HKCA 184, CACC 320/2016 (Assisting Mr Johnny Mok SC, Mr Ned Lai and Ms Cherry Ho) – Constitutional argument in human trafficking and courtroom interpretation

HKSAR v LIQNG Yaoqiang (梁耀強) [2020] HKCA 941, CACC 131/2018 (Assisting Mr Eddie Sean and Mr Andy Lo) – Murder and manslaughter – Whether there should be a retrial

HKSAR v WONG Yi-ching (王怡靜) [2020] HKCA 93, CACC 374/2018 (Assisting Mr Franco Kuan) – Revealing of criminal records to the jury

Judicial Reviews / Tax and Revenue

Wong Wing Wah v Collector of Stamp Revenue [2022] HKCA 132, CACV 13/2021 (Assisting Mr William Liu and Ms Sanyi Shum) – Appeal against refusal of leave – Constitutionality of Buyer’s Stamp Duty under s 29CB SDO

尤新異 訴 印花稅署署長 [2020] HKCFI 1071, HCAL 3514/2019 (Assisting Ms Minnie Wong) – Leave application – Partial refund of stamp duty

Personal Injuries

Cheng Sai Wang v Hong Kong Pearl Logistics Company Ltd & Employees Compensation Assistance Fund Board [2024] HKDC 50, DCPI 1516/2022 – Assessment of damages – Work injury – Delay in operation due to COVID and plaintiff’s hypertension reasonable

Cheng Sai Wang v Hong Kong Pearl Logistics Company Ltd [2024] HKDC 50, DCEC 271/2020


HKSAR v Mark Sutherland [2019] HKCFA 44, FAMC 62/2018 (Assisting Mr William Tam SC and Mr Franco Kuan) – Wasted costs order against a barrister

Legal Aid Appeals

HCAA 444/2021 – Intended negligence action against an employer – Persuaded the Director of Legal Aid to grant legal aid

  • Contributing Editor in Public Health, Archbold Hong Kong (2023-)
Public Service
  • Part-time Lecturer (Clinical legal education; Medical law; Personal injuries), Department of Law, The University of Hong Kong (2023-present)
  • Research Assistant, Faculty of Law, The University of Hong Kong (2017-2018; 2021-present)
  • Part-time Lecturer (Criminal Law and Procedure; Tort), HKU Space Community College (2021-present)
  • Coach, Mock Trial Justice Education Project, The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong (2021-2024 finalist teams)
  • Teacher in Python Coding, Data Science and Artificial Intelligence (2021-present)

2018 – 2020
Legal Trainee

Department of Justice

  • Prosecutions Division
    • Departmental Prosecutions Section
    • Magistracy Appeals Section
  • Civil Division
    • Commercial Unit
    • Civil Litigation Unit
  • Legal Policy Division

2015 – 2017
Hospital Administrator (Quality & Safety)
Princess Margaret Hospital, Hospital Authority

Last updated: 3 May 2024

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