Archbold Hong Kong on Public Health Reviewed

The chapter on Public Health has been substantially reviewed in the latest edition of Archbold Hong Kong 2024.

Hong Kong’s laws on public health have seen dramatic development in recent years. The most obvious reason is the outbreak of the COVID-19 epidemic. This has led to unprecedented urgent legislation, imposing many stringent health measures backed by criminal offences.

Apart from that, we also see the tightening of control over smoking and vaping and the introduction of a comprehensive ban on alternative smoking products.

Dating back to the early days of Hong Kong, the protection of public health has been an essential element in our legal system. As evidenced during the COVID-19 pandemic, it touches upon many aspects of our lives. Measures protecting public health are often intertwined with international and criminal laws to ensure effective enforcement. Even though the pandemic is now gone, we can foresee that new challenges will emerge, and this is an area that will continue to evolve in response.

Mr Gordon Chan is the contributing editor on Public Health in Archbold Hong Kong. In the latest edition, both the issues of COVID-19 and the vaping ban are dissected. Furthermore, there is a brief overview of the historical development of public health in Hong Kong.

Archbold Hong Kong on Public Health Reviewed
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