Don’t Mess with Cats

On the same day (23/5), two persons were convicted of crimes related to cruelty to cats. In both cases, veterinarian evidence was essential in assessing the defendant’s culpability.

Lousy medical records lead to criminal troubles

More often, smaller clinics struggle with keeping medical records. However, a recent case shows that it is more than professional misconduct when a dentist was prosecuted as a result of poor recordkeeping.

A Bodyless Murder? (Cont’d)

Just as a murderous mystery was being unfolded, leaving the public in shock, another murder trial with a peculiar history had come to an end.

A Bodyless Murder?

A celebrity was dismembered in a horrific homicide. But in law, even if the body cannot be recovered, the perpetrators could still be convicted.

The Problem of a Phone

In a rape appeal, Mr Gordon Chan discovered surprising new evidence from a phone that was sealed for five years, turning the case around.

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