Great result from Beat Drugs@ Mock Trial 2.0

Much honoured to be part of the Beat Drugs@Mock Trial 2.0 competition organised by The Society of Rehabilitation and Crime Prevention, Hong Kong. I am equally honoured to be the coach for the team of SPHRC Kung Yik She Secondary School.

Due to the pandemics, the two preliminaries were more than four months apart, and the second preliminary round was eventually an online Zoom hearing. Nevertheless, I am thrilled that our team surmounted against all odds, winning both matches and advancing to the final first.

I look forward to seeing the team’s performance (and hopefully at the High Court)!

Great result from Beat Drugs@ Mock Trial 2.0
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Gordon Chan, Esq

Barrister of the High Court of Hong Kong. Member of the Bar Association's Committee on Criminal Law and Procedure. Specialised in medical, technology and criminal law.

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